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Susan Sontag

Since 1986 acting in Tourism, both in the Incoming and Outgoing. Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality service, which is effectively the main reason for not only keeping us competitive, but mainly differentiated in the market.

We believe that in all commercial relations it is necessary to have a partnership with the segments involved, enabling us to do a personalized service.

Since 2001, our company is dedicating itself to sports tourism, such as cycling, horseback riding, hiking and other, with great success. With quality bikes and Mangalarga Marchador docile and very comfortable horses, these tours are of great success.

TODAY TOURS maintains confidential rates with Hotels, Farm Hotels, Inns and Resorts, in various locations in Brazil and abroad.

We carry out events according to your needs.

Consult us also for Sea and River Cruises, National and International Air Tickets, Travel Insurance, etc.




55 21 2247 8999

"I haven't benn at all places. But they're in my list."

Av. Visconde de Pirajá, 82/1012 Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Ipanema - 22410.000

Av. Visconde de Pirajá, 82/1012 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Ipanema

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since 1986 

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